Air and Wind Tightness materials used in our Clients Self Build Project

 We have been on site supplying our low energy materials for thermal detailing for a self build client in Portglenone! Within this build the client has used VARAFluid which is a paint on air tight membrane! This is perfect for using around those awkward joints and areas within the build! We have also supplied air tight tapes that has been used in the service opening. The air tight tape around it prevents air/heat loss

In addition AlmaTherm has been used to stop cold bridging around all the windows and doors. This again prevents air/heat loss. AlmaTherm has been used to create an upstand for the flat roof, roof light. This is normally done with timber, however, this does not prevent the cold bridge from the outside to the inside. Therefore the AlmaTherm provides a structural but warm detail with no cold bridge. For more air tight, low energy products check out our website Give us a call on 028 2587 8650 or email