Air Tightness Tests on a Low Energy Build in Cookstown

Supplied by ECOHomes Store, these materials include all the tapes and membranes used to seal all the areas where air infiltration can occur.We have shown in the photos a typical window which is one of the most common and intricate areas to seal up. For our clients at FmK we arrive on site with our own blower door kit and pressurize the house, allowing us to detect and seal any defect points or slight gaps in the application of the materials. 

Airtightness Materials used:

CONIZO 60 / SL60 - Airtightness sealing tape for membranes and windows

VARASeal SL80 - Plasterable airtightness tape for junctions to masonry

IZOperm - Air tightness membrane for ceilings

ACRAPrime - Spray on primer for blockwork connections

VARAFluid - Paint on liquid membrane for all those awkward areas.