Air tightness tape suppliers Northern Ireland

What is a Passive House?

To put it simply a passive house is a home that has high levels of energy efficiency due to a number of factors; such as air tightness, thermal bridging, and high insulation levels to n

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Air Tightness Tests on a Low Energy Build in Cookstown

Supplied by ECOHomes Store, these materials include all the tapes and membranes used to seal all the areas where air infiltration can occur.We have shown in the photos a typical window which is one of the most common and intricate areas to seal up.

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Thirst for knowledge

Never content in our thirst for knowledge and our ethos of constant improvement, our FMK ECOHomes building team and our very own director Ronan McKee completed the intense 4day training program of Certified Passive House Tradesperson with everyone passing and getting

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