New Build Oxford Island has Air-Tightness installed

Back out at our build near Oxford Island checking up on the Air-Tightness installation of all the tapes& membranes. On this dwelling (like all our Low-Energy builds) we have detailed out all the cold-bridging (cold spots)     like behind window sills, ceiling corners, wall junctions, gables etc.

We then detail out all the leaky areas with Air-Tightness; like wrapping the precast slab ends, membranes to all ceilings, and taping around all windows, doors, services and penetrations 
Air leakage in a building can be up to as much as 30% EE that’s 30% of the air you are paying to heat,
disappearing outside!! Imagine adding up all the small wee holes around the entire house; it can add
up to a hole the size of a jacuzzi.. open to the cold outside, 24/7, every day of every year! 

The house is coming on really well, looking forward to windows in & plastering starting
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