VARA Seal 60

VARA Seal 60  - Plasterable, Intelligent airtight tape for Masnory connections

VARA Seal 60


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Air & Windtight Sealing Of Windows, Doors, & Corners

Internal & External


Use Can be plastered


  • Moisture variable
  • Split Release Backing For Quick Installation
  • High Performance Airtight Tape
  • Acrylic Adhesive With Excellent Ageing 
  • Resistance Extremely Stable
  • Design Life = Lifetime*

Available to order as

3 per box 80mm x 25m (3-1/8” x 82’)

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General Information

  • Solvent Free
  • High Adhesive And High Shear Strength
  • Voc Free
  • Water Resistant
  • Adhesive Outdoor Exposure Up To 3 Months
  • For Airtight Sealing According To Part L & Din 4108-7
  • Lowest Voc Rating In Hazardous Substance Test


Carton contents: 3 rolls 
Pallet details: 40 cartons
Storage time: 2 years
Storage conditions: cool and dry
Working temperature range: above -10 °C
Temp. withstand range: -40 to +80 °C
Durability: >20 years

Application areas
Partel VARASeal is used to create permanent air tightness seals for window and door connections, it is also suitable for corner connections. VARASeal can be used internally or external because of its unique moisture variable carrier. 
Adheres to all Partel interior and exterior membranes, concrete, plaster, wood, steel, other vapour control layers including PE, PA, PP and aluminium, wood base panels OSB, MDF, plywood.
Application process
Ensure surface is clear from dust, grease, and loose material. The substrate must to be dry and free from frost. Prime surface with Partel ACRAPRIME and allow sufficient time for primer to dry depending on conditions. This will eliminate dust particles and result with a better bond. 
Cut the required length for connection, us the SL (Split Linear) to create an L shape fold with tape and peel 20mm release liner from tape. Apply this 20mm fold to window/door frame. Thereafter peel second linear from tape and with sufficient downward pressure press tape onto substrate to activate acrylic adhesive, use Partel HELPING HAND to apply pressure evenly. For uneven surfaces Partel ACRALINE or ACRABOND may be used. 

* Adhesion: Before sticking tapes the surface should be clean and dry, water repelling substances are not suitable for adhesion. Use Primers (Acraprime) on porous or masonry surfaces. Adhesion is assured on all Partel membranes, planed timber, painted timber, plastics and metals. The more suitable the surface for adhesion the better the results, Folds, creases or substrate issues impact on the system. It is the responsibility of the applicator to perform adhesion tests prior to proceeding - where required. It is necessary to apply pressure using Partel ‘Helping Hand’ applicator. Tapes are not designed for tensile strains.

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