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Ceiling down-lights present particular challenges for air-tight design and c

Downlight Covers


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Ceiling down-lights present particular challenges for air-tight design and continuity of the insulation layer. An unprotected down-light within a ceiling represents a direct path for heated or conditioned air to pass from a habitable area into a cold attic space. Typically 25% of household energy wastage is lost through air leakage.


Down-lights are the source of a high proportion of air leakage in the home, each down-light can typically pass 20 cubic metres of conditioned air from the house into the attic space per hour at 50pa pressure and this air and energy is lost.


The ‘Down-light Attic Seal’ is an innovative one stop solution for achieving a safe, easy to install

sealing system for down-lights. The fitting of the ‘Down-light Attic Seal’ dramatically reduces the volume of air leakage through each down-light and in fact at normal pressures totally negates it, therefore reducing draughts and energy loss.


The ‘Down-light Attic Seal’ also ensures an effective moisture barrier is maintained.


It is widely known that for thermal insulation to be effective, it needs to be continuous! Gaps in ceiling insulation dramatically reduces its overall performance, typically insulation per-formance is reduced by 50% if only 5% of the ceiling area is not fully insulated.


The ‘Down-light Attic Seal’ restores ceiling performance to similar level as an un-penetrated ceiling by allowing the insulation to be continuous and uninterrupted over the whole area of the ceiling saving energy and carbon emissions and COST!

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