Nexxt achieves heat recovery efficiency of up to 90%. Heat transfer is made via a cross-flow heat exchanger or optionally via a cross-counterflow heat exchanger. Power input commences as of 5 Watts and volume flows of over 90 m³/h can be generated.



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  • Includes :
  • Nexxt K MVHR
  • Sleeve 160 series
  • 2 Dividers  -200mm in length for outer sleeve
  • External Grill (1/EGA)
  • Internal cover (9/NXT-IBF)
  • Housing for surface mounting and or flush mounting 

If Flush mounting (also order 3/NXT-AP - surfact mounting kit)

Low noise level thanks to ec technology

While the well-known e2 with its axial ec technology has already achieved top ratings, the radial ec motors of the Nexxt are convincing all along the line. Nestled in a flow-optimised EPP chassis, the ec motors, which are already very quiet, are virtually "silenced". Thereby, the Nexxt is currently one of the quietest units in its class


Thanks to its very low power consumption, the Nexxt is very energy-efficient, thus making an active contribution to environmental protection. The highly efficient ec technology enables a low power consumption.

Heat recovery & control technology

The key component of the Nexxt is the built-in device with heat exchanger, which is available in two versions:

NXT-K: The crossflow heat exchanger achieves heat recovery levels of up to 80 %.

NXT-G: The bigger counterflow heat exchanger has a significantly higher efficiency providing a heat recovery level of up to 90 %.

The integrated control provides for perfect interaction of the various components. Equipped with humidity-temperature sensors, even the standard version of the automatic control ensures efficient ventilation with humidity protection. Optional sensors such as, for example, the CO2 sensor can be integrated or connected by the EnOcean wireless technology.

LUNOS Design Line

The Nexxt adds the waveform to the current design language of LUNOS products while maintaining its basic principles and recognition value. With an inner screen size of 510 x 510 mm, the fan thus remains a stylish element of home technology. The front screen also contains the plainly designed control panel. The total depth of 240 mm can be lowered up to 67 mm into the outer wall.

LUNOS Compatibility

By using the 160 LUNOS standard wall-tube as wall duct, the Nexxt is compatible with the fans of the 160 series. Only for the outer covering a two-way outer screen or outer hood must be used. In the surface-mounted version, it is particularly easyto replace a 160 fan by the Nexxt.

The Nexxt-housings can be used universally

Developed for the outer wall, the fan can be installed in the surface-mounted or flush-mounted version. The flush-mounted version requires a wall thickness of at least 240 mm

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