What is airtightness and Why is it important?

Air tightness is the means of decreasing draughts and cold spots within a home to make your home warmer, more comfortable and of course more cost effective for your energy bills.

Airtightness is measured by how many times the air changes in the room per hour, or as a whole, the entire house. This is known as air changes per hour (ACH).

In terms of heating & energy costs, this means you are heating this air every hour.

A low-energy passive house will have between 0.6-1 ACH.

A standard built house (Building Control Spec) will have anything up to 5 changes per hour!

So basically, in a standard built house you will be heating this air around 5 times every hour!!

Consider the cost of heating and energy; this is a dramatic & significant extra cost to your fuel bills every single year.

Whereas in a low energy / passive house with airtightness, you will only heat it once per hour!

So that means you pay to heat your house 5 times an hour or with airtightness only Once per hour. This will mean your heating costs is up to 5 times more expensive without airtightness.

Making a home airtight is a one-off investment & low costs strategy requiring no maintenance or replacement for the functional life of the building while ensuring a warmer more comfortable home all year round, and… you will greatly reduce your energy bills!!

Our team at ECO Homes Store have been detailing & supplying our air tightness products for over 10 years & achieving excellent air test results to passive house level (0.6 ACH)!

At ECOHomes Store we offer the following services:

  • Supply of airtight products (& details if required)
  • Office consultation on installation advice & techniques (discuss your plans) *additional fee applies*
  • On site consultation with the home builder/ main contractor/ joiner or air tightness installer etc.

To discuss installation advice techniques & site-specific detailing using our air tightness products *additional fee applies*

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