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Suppliers of Air Tightness Tapes & Membranes in Northern Ireland


Why make a building Air Tight?

With more emphasis on energy efficiency in buildings in the current climate, air tightness using air tight tape , air tight attic hatches, air tight membranes, paint on air tight membranes, these all play an important part of the energy mix, reducing or eliminating the heat lost through air leakage, these leaks usually occur in the building fabric at junctions and penetrations of the fabric. The Partel range of products provide a solution to all these problem areas with various air tight tapes and membranes of the highest quality and ease of application.

A Passive House will ensure lower running costs and energy costs for you and enable a more healthier, comfortable and economic home.

Download the brochure for an overview of the products or call one of our experts for advice on what product to use in your project.

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What is a passive house / ECO Home?

To put it simply a passive house is a home that has high levels of energy efficiency due to a number of factors; such as air tightness, thermal bridging, and high insulation levels to name a few! These all combined dramatically reduces energy costs and enhances your homes energy efficiency!

Check out the materials YOU could use in your new build, self build home or even your new home extension from ECO Homes Store.

Check out more on passive house & Low energy designs at https://www.fmkni.com/passive-house

The team at ECOHomes Store have in depth knowledge of Air Tightness + Thermal Bridging Designs to ensure the right materials are in the right place!

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