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Supply & Fit Air Tightness Materials NI

Why Build an Air Tight Home?

With more emphasis on energy efficiency in buildings in the current climate, building your home airtight is an essential part of the energy mix, reducing or eliminating the heat lost through air leakage. These leaks occur in the building fabric at junctions and penetrations, such as window openings, ceilings etc. The ECOHomes Store product range provides a solution to all these problem areas with various air tight tapes and membranes of the highest quality and ease of application. An airtight home will ensure lower running costs and energy costs for you and enable a healthier, comfortable and economic home. 
At ECOHomes Store we look at your designs and advise on the correct air tight membranes and tapes to use as well as do a take offs for quantities for your project.
We now also offfer our SUPPLY & FIT service, taking the hassle out of making your home airtight and leaving it to the experts.
Call us for a quick chat or a detailed discussion on your project or send your drawings to our email address ecohomesstore@fmkltd.com

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Izoperm air tight membrane - sloped ceiling
Build Right Build Airtight!
Air tightness in architecture has never been more important. With new building regulations and the hope for low energy building solutions ECOHomes Store have you covered. Whether you are a builder, construction company or doing a self build, contact us to get your quote today.

We also offer a supply and fit service by our expert installers for in Northern Ireland.

air tight homes save energy

Warmer All Year Round

ECOHomes Store airtightness and thermal bridge products ensure there are no air leaks, draughts or cold spots within your home. Making sure your home is warmer all year round, from the cold weather to hot weather it will be a comfortable standard of living.

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Lower Energy Bills 

By incorporating air tightness within your new build, renovation or even when replacing windows, you are increasing the temperature between inside and outside due to no air leakages and draughts. This in turn means less demamd on your heating system resulting in lower energy bills! Not only this, your home will achieve a higher EPC rating meaning better resale vaule! 

All Air Tightness Products

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Experts in Air tightness Installation

Supply & Fit air tightness materials Northern Ireland

For over 10 years we have been enhancing homes through air tightness solutions.

We don’t just sell air tightness and thermal bridging products to builders in Northern Ireland,  We also:

  • Offer our expertise on application for different areas of the build.
  • Advise on product selection – using the correct products for the best results and saving money.
  • Technical drawings for installation of air tightness tapes and membranes.
  • Product take offs / estimates.
  • Builder Trade Discounts.
  • One to one consultation with our in-house experts

If you are wanting to install airtightness products in your project properly, we will guide you to the right products, at the right price and how to do it right.

Build Right Build Air Tight

We Supply & Fit Air Tightness materials
To make your home warm and air tight

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We now offer our Air Tightness Supply & Fit Service for your project, whether it's a self build home or commercial building. 
With our specialist team of installers, in-house experts and high quality air tightness materials, we can take the hassle out of making your project airtight.
Call us now for a quotation for your project. 


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