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Airtightness Membranes

Izoperm General Purpose Ceiling Membrane

1.5m x 50m= 75m2
£161 + VAT per roll

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  • General purpose airtight membrane for flat and sloping ceilings
  • The highest phA Class ensures you the best energy efficiency standard for your sustainable building.
  • Extremely strong and functional performance vapour control layer. Optimum Sd 5/ PERM 0.69) ensures optimum compatibility for most constructions.
  • VARA Plus Specialist Variable Ceiling Membrane

    1.5m x 50m= 75m2
    £208 + VAT per roll

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  • Optimal air tightness and water vapour transmission rate in different climate conditions.
  • Vara Plus - High performance Intelligent Airtight Layer
  • Best Sd value range humidity variable vapour check on the market, suitable for all insulation types.
  • EXOPERM MONO 150 - Roof Membrane for wind tightness

    1.5m x 50m= 75m2
    £166 + VAT per roll

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  • EXOPERM MONO 150 provides enhanced protection of the building structure. It is strong, durable, incredibly vapour open with an Sd value of 0.07m, and boasts market-leading tensile strengths and nail tear resistance. The Monolithic layer creates a complete wind tight, waterproof, breathable membrane that expels any water/humidity.
  • EXOPERM MONO 150 is an external breather membrane designed for use on the cold side of insulation on facade wall and roof applications

  • Suitable For

  • Facades with closed joints
  • Timber and steel framed constructions
  • Warm, cold and hybrid roof applications
  • Pitched or flat roofs
  • Sarking boards
  • All insulation types
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